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Villahermosa 9, Colonia San Jerónimo Aculco, México D.F. 10400, Delegación Magdalena Contreras.

(+52 55) 5652-2877

(+52 55) 5652-0444

(+52 55) 5568-7038

Audio Products Recording and Mixing Mastering Hiring Us
Realize your projects...
We provide high quality hardware and plug-ins plus the technical knowledge to work at the studio.
We offer at studio or in location recording...
Award-winning engineers, artists, orchestras, producers and composers return time and time to record and mix their projects with us.
From classical to HD mastering...
With the combination of our equipment and acoustics we supply the best tools to accomplish the final stage of your project.
Our proven experience is a guarantee that we are the best investment.